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Is Hemp Seed Oil Good for Pets?

1. Introduction

We all have had days when we were just not feeling it and our pets, be it a cat or a dog just sensed it out of nowhere and lay down offering you cuddles? The subtle amount of joy and love our pets bring into our life is immeasurable. It is only fair to our pets that we take care of them by every means. Hemp seed oil is one out of many things you could take care of your pet with as it has various benefits. Let us dive into more hemp seed oil and everything it has to offer our pets!

2. What is hemp seed oil?

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seed of the Cannabis sativa plant also called the hemp plant. It houses a chemical compound named Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in just the right amount (0.3%). It provides psychoactive properties and is absolutely safe for your pets as the oil sold in the market is devoid of it, declares Dr Rane.

The hemp seed oil has certainly gathered much awareness given its efficacy for human health benefits, whether for skincare or de-stressing, and it has been verified to be equally effective for pets. Dr Rane cites many scientifically-proven benefits of the oil. The benefits of hemp oil for pets are given below.

3.1. Multi-purpose hemp oil:
It is safe to use both orally and topically. It needs to be massaged on your pet’s skin if you want to work on specific skin conditions for topical application. You may offer it orally by mixing it with food or directly feeding them.

3.2. Boost your pet’s immune system:
Hemp includes Omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, your pets, precisely dogs, do not naturally produce fatty acids; consequently, hemp oil helps pets handle the inflammatory response, blood pressure, etc. Hemp also includes a crucial omega-6 fatty acid named gamma-linolenic acid, which is terribly good for your pet’s body and health.

3.3. Helps reduce inflammation:
Inflammation is caused by a natural response to infections, injuries, and allergies. But, inflammation can quickly get out of hand, and this is where essential fatty acids come to play. The hemp seed oil has omega-6 and omega-3, both excellent anti-inflammatory agents. Hemp seed oil helps relieve stiff joints and keep your pet in a good figure.

3.4. Helps your fight anxiety & pet relax:
Hemp oil has therapeutic properties. If you have a hyper pet and need something supplementary, try hemp seed oil, suggests Dr Rane. Often, pets have stress or separation anxiety caused by noises during celebrations and festivals. High levels of anxiety can throw your pet off balance. Hemp oil benefits your pet to overcome such uneasy moments. Fewer drops before the stimulus and other steps will help soothe them down,” she adds.

3.5. Helps manage weight and tackle obesity:
Hemp oil contains GLA, which helps your dog become more engaged & active, and this allows your dog to control weight by exercising and playing more often. Vets also suggest hemp products to pets suffering from obesity.

3.6. Relieves arthritic pain:
Owning an old pet means dealing with problems like arthritic pain. “The anti-inflammatory properties help heal your pet, strengthening their body. Remember to begin early and reap its benefits sooner!”

3.7. Improves your pet’s coat health and fur quality:
There are a bunch of hemp oil benefits for dogs. Hemp oil has benefits for your pet’s coat and skin, and it is known to improve coat quality and fur in dogs. Vets also advise hemp oil to help with hair fall in pets, and it also helps with skin diseases like granulomas and atopic dermatitis.

3.8. Magic for skin:
Hemp seed oil can soothe the skin and heal it if our pet has its fur shedding. “Even though it is safe to be used, consult your vet for the proper amount of dosage and duration,” advises the doctor.

3.9. Dealing with seizures:
Many pets experience seizures and tremors; it is extremely hard to deal with them. While drugs are readily available, they also have adverse side effects. Hemp oil can be an excellent supplement as they are a safe alternative to potassium bromide and a few other drugs. They can help reduce seizures in dogs and help when your dog goes through another attack

4. Hemp oil vs CBD oil– Which is best?

Don’t confuse hemp oil with CBD oil because, yes, both are derived from the same plant, but hemp oil is acquired from the seed of the Cannabis plant, and rather CBD oil is acquired from the leaves, stalk, and flowers of the plant. Now, you might wonder how they are different if extracted from the same plant. CBD oil is non-psychoactive and has medical benefits like pain and anxiety relief.

5. How-to guide for hemp seed oil ?

Hemp oil is marketed as an oil (called a tincture). These hemp oil products are available both with and without CBD. Hemp oil in tincture comes with a dropper that may be used to give a specific dose to pets. You may use the dropper to put the oil against their cheek or beneath their tongue, which is the actual standard for accurate, practical dosing. If your pet is uneasy taking the hemp oil in this way, it can be drizzled on your pet’s food. 

You may also get capsules or soft chews containing hemp oil, and the flavouring in their treats helps disguise the taste of the oil. Hemp oil treats for pets are also more comfortable to get them to eat on the go than a dropper full of hemp oil. However, hemp oil is better absorbed through the mouth & gums,” Mahaney says. “If you get your pet to eat hemp oil capsules or chews or put a tincture on their meals, it will be predominantly absorbed through their small intestines. Those products still function, but the absorption might not be as effective as we would like, and it might take a longer time to take effect.”

6. Is hemp seed oil safe enough?

Hemp seed oil is typically regarded as safe for pets, but one should get the green light from the vet before adding it to their pet’s diet. Dr Nelson says there’s not a lot that can go amiss with hemp seed oil unless you’re incorrectly dosing it. 

“The omega-3 in hemp seed oil may actually be pro-inflammatory, so a lot of omega-3 can have the reverse effect of why we’re offering it,” she says. “Too much of anything can be just as harmful as having too little when it comes to the supplements.” Dr Nelson adds that too much hemp oil may also cause your pet to have diarrhoea or upset stomachs.

Any hemp seed product containing hemp seed oil must be formulated just for them. Never try to give your own (human) dietary supplements to your pets. While you may share nearly everything with your furry friend, it’s best only to provide them with supplements intended for their consumption and have their entire components list approved by your veteran.

“When products are designed for animal use versus human use, there are usually additional formulations used to satisfy animals specifically,” explains Dr Butzer.

7. What’s the proper hemp seed oil dosage for pets?

When it comes to providing your pet hemp seed oil, Dr Nelson stresses the significance of following the dosing instructions on the product. “Each product will have various concentrations (of hemp seed oil), formulations, & added things”, says Dr Nelson.

Since the dosage for most pet products is based on their weight, Dr Nelson says it’s crucial to know how much your pet presently weighs. Don’t guess! If the weight of your pet is near the top or bottom of the range listed on the back of the packet, it could mean you’re giving them too little or too much of a product, accidentally.

8. Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Full-spectrum hemp oil is then purified hemp extract containing flavonoids, terpenes, CBN, CBG, CBD, CBC, and THC. It comes in multiple forms, such as tinctures, balms, tablets, salves, and capsules. This hemp product has helped control symptoms of many issues for humans and pets.

9. Side Effects of Hemp Oil

Given the proper dosage, hemp oil doesn’t have any intense side effects for pets. It is suitable for the GI tract, liver, and even kidney. Also, it doesn’t make your pet “high” because hemp oil doesn’t contain THC.

To make sure your pet doesn’t suffer from the side effects, visit your veterinarian before offering any amount of hemp oil to your pet. Some of the side effects your pet may undergo are diarrhoea, drowsiness, and dry mouth. However, there’s nothing to stress about because hemp oil is absolutely non-toxic, and the side effects don’t endure long!

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